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Why Acceptance Is Important For Happiness In Relationships

Обновлено: 29 нояб. 2021 г.

More Acceptance - More Happiness In Life

Practicing acceptance means finding a middle ground. A middle ground between what makes us unhappy and what we can change and what is not in our hands and set in stone.

Showing more acceptance doesn't mean that we don't care. Acceptance refers to situations, idiosyncrasies and other things that cannot be changed by us and which lead to dissatisfaction in the event of non-acceptance.

Again and again in our life we meet other people or certain situations that do not correspond to our wishes. But it does not always make sense to use all your strength to change something. Namely then, it is not changeable. Instead, we just invest unnecessarily energy that we could use better elsewhere.

More Acceptance In Everyday Life

We find it so difficult to accept things because this is often experienced as a loss of control. We have to accept something when we cannot influence it ourselves. Very unsatisfactory as we would like to control everything if only we could.

Focus On What You Can Change

OK. There is nothing you can do about the fact that your neighbor above you is very overweight and that your lamp on the ceiling wobbles with every step you take. You hate that trampling sound. But you can turn on music during the day and use earplugs at night so you don't feel bothered anymore.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the fact that it is pouring out of buckets today, of all times, and it's also windy. You took some time off for today to go on a bike tour. Never mind You have made it up for so long to finally clear out your closets that now you simply focus on this topic instead.

You are dissatisfied with the way you look. Your hair is getting lighter. Your beard looks kind of weird too. You feel like too small. You've got some belly fat too. And those glasses, for God's sake!

Unfortunately, you cannot shake the beginning hair loss. But you can change your hairstyle or just shave your head. You will not grow any more in this life. But you can work on your figure.

What we want to show you with this paragraph: It is of no use if you lose yourself in thoughts of things that drag you down, but which you cannot shake either. Instead, focus on what, what changes with your actions.

Clearly Admit Your Current Situation

Probably everyone has already made a mistake, about which they are annoyed, which they may even have regretted.

For example, the money thrown away when shopping in frustration. That you touched another car while pulling out of a parking space. That you cheated on your ex. That you gave up your last apartment and now live in a dark lock. That your relationship is about to end. Or that you've given up on your lifelong dream.

The more uncomfortable the situation is for us, the more we tend to suppress it. We'd like to just erase them from our minds. But on the way to more acceptance in life, we should do the exact opposite.

It is important to admit mistakes to yourself. Only in this way do we learn to accept them and only in this way do we manage to learn something from them.

Focus On The Positive

Our brain is trimmed to recognize and effectively filter out everything negative in life. Be it the red light, the cynical comment or something else.

We experience numerous positive moments every day, but unfortunately these do not stay in our memories. The more we direct our focus on everything positive, the easier it is for us to accept negative things as well.

Live In The Here And Now

While some are constantly brooding over their past and going through the scenarios they have experienced over and over again, other people live exclusively in the future and worry about it.

What both people forget: Life takes place in the here and now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow either.

Acceptance in relationships

Not only do we become more relaxed in everyday life when we show more acceptance. No. Acceptance is also a basic requirement for the success of a relationship.

We don't always have to understand why our partner feels how. But it is all the more important that we accept the other person's feelings and hug them when they cry. Even if we ourselves do not perceive the trigger as drastic.

Of course, acceptance also relates to the quirks and quirks of both. Everyone exhibits behaviors that drive their partner insane. Without acceptance of each other's idiosyncrasies, the relationship is unlikely to last long.

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